Cover Art

Holly Green, our favorite graphic designer / photographer helped me develop the cover art. For a low-budget project like this one, I’m quite fond of it.

It is designed to look unlike anything else on the Kindle store, also it looks great on the kindle screen. Most book covers are designed for the bookshelf and look washed-out on the Kindle.

Kindlerotica Launches

Welcome to’s website. We are happy to introduce our new product. Kindlerotica is free erotica for your kindle or other eBook. Our premium selection of erotic stories is sponsored by online retailer so it can be provided free of charge.

Could this be the future of online publishing? We are not sure, but as a company that was founded to provide people with a private way to do things, we are happy to give you a private way to read whatever you want, wherever you want to read it.

Let’s all hope for success because people like free stuff and we are excited about the opportunity to give them something.


Tom Nardone,
Founder & President
PriveCo Inc. - The World’s Most Private Company