Our goal is to publish Readerotica, free of charge, anywhere that eBooks are browsed and downloaded. We understand that there are hundreds of eBook libraries on the Internet, and we apologize that we can’t be present on every one, but we have chosen two of the largest libraries, and they can offer distribution into other websites as well.

Readerotica is available for free at SmashWords here: SmashWords also feeds into Barnes and Noble, The Apple Store, and other online marketplaces, so you may find our collection of free erotica right from your device. But if you want Kindlerotica for your eBook the easy way, clicking here will allow you to download formats for the: Kindle (.mobi format), The Sony Reader (.lrf), Web viewing, Online reading, and the Epub format which is good for almost every eBook.

Readerotica is available on the Kindle store but sometimes there is a minimal fee for the download. We are working right now with the Amazon process to ensure our book is provided free of charge, like it is on Smashwords.

Readerotica 2 - Turning Up The Heat is also available on Smashwords for free and Amazon for the minimum possible charge.

Readerotica 3 - Getting Warmer is available at Smashwords and at Amazon for the minimum possible charge, typically this is $0.99 but as of this writing, Readerotica 3 is free!

Readerotica 4 - Erotica for Your Electronic Reader – Volume 4 – Exciting Situations
is available exclusively at Amazon for at least the first 30 days. We offer it for the minimum price they will allow, which is typically $0.99.
Readerotica 5 - Great Erotica by Great Writers is available here at Amazon. We offer it for the minimum price they will allow, which is typically $0.99.

Did I mention that
the entire Readerotica project is sponsored by Vibrators.com which is great because it doesn’t make money on its own, so Vibrators.com picks up the tab.